Pre Order

Our pre order system is designed to help guarantee, you get the item you are after. We want you to get exactly what you are after, via our pre order system, you will guarantee yourself it.

No waiting at the back of the queue, then getting to the checkout and seeing they have all been sold. Nothing worse than that! With the ability to pre order, you are reserving your spot in the queue without queuing! isn't that great?!

Generally all our pre orders will be available before the message shown "up to 14 working days" or otherwise around 3 weeks waiting time. We aim to have it in stock well before then, but cannot guarantee it.

If a pre order item IS NOT due in within the 14 working days, we will contact you. Preferably we will contact you via phone, but if no number is available then be via email. We always aim to contact you well in advance if we can not, get your pre order product, in stock before the 14 working days.

If any other questions you may have, please reach out to us vis our livechat, email or telephone.