Big Guys Mobile App

Big Guys mobile app, is available to android and apple users. Free to download. You'll be given a prompt, when you go onto our website, while using a mobile or tablet device, to install our app.

Installing our mobile app, will provide you with faster speeds and more responsive pages on mobile devices. Plus being able to use our app without being online. Making your whole experience vastly improved.

If you rejected the app option? That's no issue, if you wish to install it now. All you have to do is go into your internet browser and clear the big guys cookie off your device. Once you have done that, just go back onto our website and you'll be prompted to install it again. Just accept the prompt and it will install.

Uninstalling the app? Firstly we are sorry to hear that, is there anything we can do to improve the App or our services? To uninstall our app, just hold your finger on the app, for a few seconds. Afterwards it will give you several options, just click on the uninstall option and the app will be removed.