Do you know the difference in your types of underwear?

Briefs can come in all colours and designs. Briefs in general nowadays come with elasticated waistband and elasticated thigh leg holes, but you can get them without as well. Be sure to inspect photos closely and carefully to make sure you are choosing the correct style of underwear for what suits your needs.

Boxer Shorts
Boxers shorts and boxer briefs are often confused with each other. With many people not knowing the difference between them. Lets help clarify that. Boxer shorts are generally designed with button flies, but this can vary. The biggest difference is they are of a looser fit than boxer briefs, allowing more air circulation than boxer briefs. They have more of a baggy style, providing utmost comfort and ventilation. Helping prevent sweating, rashes and other potential irritances and health issues.

Y-Fronts are almost like briefs, but major differences between the two are, that Y-fronts are only elasticated on the waist and not the thigh leg holes. Also with Y-fronts you generally have flies on Y-fronts, unlike briefs that come with no such thing.

Boxer Briefs
Boxer briefs were created to bring a combined effect of the two most popular styles of underwear together from the boxer shorts and briefs. Since these are a combination of both you get that more snug fit to the skin, unlike boxer shorts, these are less likely to ride up on you, due to their body hugging affect. Also giving you better ventilation than traditional briefs, but not as good as ventilation as you get with boxer shorts.

Trunks are slightly different to boxers and boxer briefs. They are traditionally a bit shorter on the thigh than normal boxers and boxer briefs. With a nice comfort fit to your body, keeping everything nice and snug.