Espionage Twin Pack Bamboo Trunks

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Product Details:

Bamboo trunk, made from 65% bamboo viscose 30% cotton 5% elastane.

Please Note single pack only.

Pre-order information: We usually aim to order in preorders as soon as possible, on average every monday we will look to place orders for any pre orders, but that does not mean that we won't order earlier. Most times we will order there and then, on orders of £40 or more or if its an item in bulk. Generally for singular items, we will order every monday. Some pre orders can take up to 14 working days on rare occasions, if any longer than that, we will contact you. Please click the link for more information

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Trunks are slightly different to boxers and boxer briefs. They are traditionally a bit shorter on the thigh than normal boxers and boxer briefs. With a nice comfort fit to your body, keeping everything nice and snug.

Boxer Briefs
Boxer briefs were created to bring a combined effect of the two most popular styles of underwear together from the boxer shorts and briefs. Since these are a combination of both you get that more snug fit to the skin, unlike boxer shorts, these are less likely to ride up on you, due to their body hugging affect. Also giving you better ventilation than traditional briefs, but not as good as ventilation as you get with boxer shorts.