So you are probably wondering why we do preorder instead of stock it? Well we have a store, that has stock in it as well. Again you are still wondering? Because we have tried to learn from the past, it is better to provide customers with the option of what they want us to stock.

So to provide you an example we buy something and it doesn't sell, we end up being stuck and possibly loosing money and while you, our customers are not impressed with that product. That is bad for business on both sides.

We improvised! We choose the route of going down preorder to effectively, give you the choice of what we stock. You order in, then we order that product and send out to you. All while stocking up on that product or other stock at the same time.

Preordering is a creative way of getting valuable customer feedback, while getting the product you want. You also are having a true input on what we stock online and instore by doing things this way.

Check out our pre-order information page for more details about time schedules and how it works.

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