Join the Loyalty Program

Join the Loyalty Program

Hey everyone. Us here at BIg Guys have started a loyalty and rewards program scheme. The idea is a clear one, we want to reward you for your loyalty, as it deserves to be rewarded! Wouldn't you agree?

The idea came from when we go to the likes of odeon and game, you get a card and start collecting points. Well ours you don't get a card unfortunately and is only applicable online.

So start earning points for various tasks and purchases, to earn greater rewards and discounts. You choose what and you want to spend the points you have earned. Benefit what way you think is best!

From what we have heard in the brief time it has been up and running, is that we are the only big man's shop that does anything like this. A contiunous way for discounts without wanting on sales and other others. We like to be honest, we have not done the research to see if this is true or not, we are just going from what our customers are telling us.

Our goal is simple, we want to show we value our customers and our loyal regular customers. While also hoping they will continue to spread our name around on social media and leave us good reviews. That definetly deserves to be rewarded!

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